“The Waiting Room” stems from a song by the DC band Fugazi, and implements inspiration from the DIY subculture of skateboarding and playing music in the 80’s and 90’s. If you look around the restaurant, everything you see was a DIY project. Although it may seem more arts and craft than punk rock and frontside grinds, the spirit of Fugazi and skateboarding fueled our intentions. With a small team of loyal friends, we were able to do everything ourselves, as well as support local artists in the doing. Our tables were made by local woodworker Josh Pew, the bar shelving was crafted by local artist Jose Oyague, our plates were hand made by local Lonesomeville Pottery, and the bar top and pass were built by us, along with the lighting and numerous other accents in this space. But we aren’t done yet.

We have plans for the near future. Visit us again soon and you will enjoy an upstairs crudo and oyster bar, downstairs and upstairs balcony seating, a private dining room, new linens, and many other details that we weren’t quite able to bring to fruition just yet. It’s been a long road for chefs Kyle and Tom to get here, but at no point will they be at the end of it. We look forward to turning this old house into something beautiful again.